martes, 1 de junio de 2010

La madonna di Capocolonna

Religious procession in Italy are hundreds , every region, every district, every town or city have his own and different procession.
Some of them are including animals, self inflicted pain, and colorful images and banner, music or food, some are famous and followed from people arriving from all over the country.
I wanted to shoot some religious event that was a s simple as possible and where people is present not for the entertainment side of the show but simply for a Spirituality feeling that in south Italy is still very strong.
The “Madonna of Capocolonna” is basically a very simple night walk, throughout 14 km that divide the main Church of Crotone (Calabria) to the old and little one just beside the sea.
The only things happening during this 6-7 hour slow walk is praying and following the statue of Mary, while the teenager of the city are camping along the beaches, the pilgrims are washing their erred walking all night.

Le carrette della vergogna