miércoles, 23 de abril de 2008

Pet smuggling in Bogota'

The veterinary unit arrive accompanied by police in a shop in the center of Bogota', in the Caracas street are located all the pet shops of the city, 9 of 10 are illegal or are smuggling pets illegally..

Some of the dogs are in critical condition and dehydrated, unfortunately the law in Colombia doesn't permit any persecution for the owner, but the animals are seized.

Two of the 50 dogs seized in half an hour from 3 shops, some of them are living in their own excrements and are destinate to the black market for fights.

A white Pit Bull probably destined to the fights market, is saved from his owner.

Dogs are checked from the veterinary of the "ADA"

The president of "ADA" explain the motives of the raid to a shop owner that will lose twenty dogs considered in critical condition.

The owner of a shop is questioned by the vice-president of the "association for the defense of animals and ambient" and by a lawyer of the association in constant presence of the police.

Raid in a illegal veterinary shop, in the fridge at the first floor they are found Ketamin (used as a hallucinogen also by people) and unauthorized vaccine.

Some of the cages where the animals were kept before the raid.

In a cage under the sun for most of the day, sharing a tiny space with other pets.

martes, 22 de abril de 2008

"Manaure, the northern salt mine of south America"

House beside the salt mine. Manaure, Apr 2008.

During the process, the water is becoming red for a chemical reaction.

Manaure, workers are preparing the salt for collection.

Manaure, workers are preparing the salt for collection.

Manaure, workers are preparing the salt for collection.

The village of the workers of the mine is just next to the salty water.

A worker is dividing the dirty salt from the good one.

Worker on his way home after a 12 hours shift under the sun.

lunes, 7 de abril de 2008

Almacafe' the coffe' soul

Almacafe' the coffe' warehouse. Colombia, Santa Marta Feb 2008. Trucks arriving from the mountains of Sierra nevada.

Storing coffe bags is a responsibilty job, one of the more common incident is falling under a mountain of bags with the risk of suffocation or bones fractures.

Almacafe' the coffe' warehouse. Colombia, Santa Marta Feb 2008.

Every single bean of coffe' that is falling in the floor is picked up and put back in the bag.This man does this all day in the werehouse.

The coffe' is store in atemperature in between 35 and 40 degree, and for a maximum period of four months to avoid deterioration.

Alfonso Campo Chief of operation, is having a first look of the cargo just arrived.

Alfonso Campo Chief of operation in a brefing with a guard at the wherehouse entrance. Security is very tight with complicated rules to avoid paramiliatry and guerriglia, attack.

Guards at one of the entrance, is a risky job, often not paid enought.

Set the coffe' for the tasting.

The firs step of a coffe' tasting is smelling it.

Tasting and spitting, the coffe' "somelier" at work in his laboratory.

In the laboratory of Almacaffe' the coffe' get tested before can be allowed to enter in the production chain.

Machinery at work.

The coffe' ready to be exported is poured in to the shipments bags and swen.

Workers are loading and lifting coffe bags during the daily shift that can be 12 hours long.

Workers are loading and lifting coffe bags during the daily shift that can be 12 hours long.

Loading the truck with 600 bags, 8 workers can do it in less than fourty minutes. Each bag weight 70 kg.

Workers are loading and lifting coffe bags during the daily shift that can be 12 hours long.

A worker is pouring one of thousands daily bags in the production machinery.

The truck is ready to live for the port.

sábado, 5 de abril de 2008

Lulu' & Valerie "Tranlife"

A day with Lulu' & Valerie, talking about their life, discovering theyr emotions....

Valerie: Before and after.

Valerie is transforming since a couple of months, she is sweet and very shy.

Lulu' would like to be a model, a fashion model, "people always asked me to pose nude or for porn".

The indifferent of the ignorant people is the most difficult thing in my life, for the rest I am happy! (Lulu')

The silicon is a very important source to improve the curves. "I have to take a couple of weeks off the street, after the treatment."(Valerie)

Lulu' e Valerie are 20 years old, they met each other in a porno agency and decide to move to prostitution together.

I feel girl and I accept my body as it his, I don't think at surgery at the moment.(Lulu')

I like Almadovar movies, they give importance and humanity to our world.. ( Valerie)

"Watching my transformation day by day is exiting, is important that I feel "Lulu' " at all time, also when I'm not dressed." (Lulu' )

"My favorite showgirl is Paris Hilton, I like everything of her but specially how she move.."

Extensions with original hair are very expensive, is the second stage after the silicon enlargement for Valerie.

Lulu' has worked as a prostitute and in the porno industry since she was too young.. at 12 she went away from home in search of a easier life. Before moving to the "barrio la piscina" she was working also as manager of a gay bar.

"The most beautiful thing is feeling sexy and desired, showing my sexuality and thinking that I am free in deciding what I like." (Valerie)

Going to work in the "piscina district", one of a few area in Bogotá' where drugs and prostitution are tolerated and violence is at a red level.

Valerie posing in the bar where she work as a prostitute.

Lulu' and Valerie were still working as prostitute in Bogota' when I left in July 2008, the week before I left Colombia I saw Lulu', she was no longer living with Valerie and she was very scared because another prostitute of the "piscina red district" wanted to kill her for for a stolen client.
This is a work in progress, waiting to find Lulu' and Valery again and tell theyr story.
Niccolo' Celesti